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Whether it’s in Munshausen’s large field during the summer or in the greenhouse during the winter, Tiago gets tremendous joy from doing his chores in the garden. 

The people who monitor him are kind to him, and because they are "ËMMER DO", they know exactly how to support him in the tasks he can do.

There are relaxing moments during his long days, and during these moments he’s very close to the counselors and he shows his obvious happiness. He’s very focused in every single chore he does, but our counselors are still “Ëmmer do” in order to assure his safety and wellbeing.

Tiago is blooming in the garden workspace


Whether grabbing the rake with both hands to tend the field, or handling the wheel-barrow filled with weeds, both are important responsibilities to get the nice vegetables that are used for dinner or for jam that is sold at certain events.

The "ËMMER DO" staff makes sure that Tiago has the right clothing needed for the job at hand, as safety is essential. He changes clothes in the dressing room right before he begins his workday. It’s also teamwork, and he’s constantly checked by his team. Our "ËMMER DO" staff takes care of him from the moment he gets to our place in Munshausen until he goes back home to have a well-deserved break.

Tiago’s work is also helpful to the other residents


Just like in every job, there is a changeover. Some tasks are more physical, while others need more precise gestures.

Tiago also masters the paintbrush. But it isn’t always that easy. In order to paint the fence, Tiago must make sure that he doesn’t forget his brush and leave it behind.

The staff are aware that this can be more exhausting for Tiago, which is why they are “Ëmmer do”"ËMMER DO", ready to survey his work but also to supervise him.

Tiago likes it when the job is well done

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