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Renée is monitored day after day by professionals who take care of her. She’s very happy, as you can see on her face. Every person we meet is unique, and the same can be said of Renée and her colleagues. Even though she’s not able to organize her daily life day by day, she takes great pleasure in performing her tasks at the craft station. The collection of cards looks amazing, and with a regular follow it’s possible for her to realize great things.

The "ËMMER DO" staff who is in charge of Renée and her colleague’s guarantee her safety. We are “Ëmmer do” to conduct the daily activities in our day center. "ËMMER DO" starts in the beginning of the day by the time they wake up, through the meals taken at the center, until the time to go to sleep. “Ëmmer do” applies at night too, should anything go wrong.

Renée is well watched


The practice of sports is necessary in order to maintain good fitness and necessary motor skills. Renée is able to switch easily from balance exercises to more intense and physical forms, like cardio. The exercises she does are selected for her according her needs, and she is supervised by a person who is "ËMMER DO". The person in charge demonstrates the exercises her and corrects her when it is necessary.


The joy Renée expresses during her exercises shows us that she understands the benefits of it on her body.

Renée practices sports regularly


The center in Munshausen is located at an idyllic spot. While going out on the deck gives Renée an astonishing view, that doesn’t top a nice walk across nature escorted by the teachers.


She gets to breathe the good and fresh air, and the staff stay aware of the pace they must take in order to go back at the center on time for the next meal. There is always someone "ËMMER DO" to make sure that everything goes well and that Renée can thrive during these activities. She’s always amazed and stunned by the show that nature has to offer.

Renée likes outdoor trips

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