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Jérémy’s daily work is intersected with moments of leisure. The "ËMMER DO" staff who supervise him are "ËMMER DO" to make sure that Jérémy follows his program that is set for the day. He works in the laundry workshop where he fills the machines and folds the laundry. For his down time, he has the choice between multiple games proposed by staff. Jeremy tends to prefer simple games with strong colors.


Staff makes sure that the colors and shapes are well coordinated and provide him encouragement. We are "ËMMER DO" to support him and provide him the structure that he needs.

Jeremy likes stress-free games


There is nothing like a piece of cheesecake and a nice drink. Jérémy is able to appreciate a calm moment, even while under the supervision of staff.  While this one on one supervision is more demanding in terms of human resources, we must be "ËMMER DO" to meet Jérémy’s needs and those of the other beneficiaries.

These quality moments are necessary to relieve and recharge Jérémy so that he is less likely to have his temper shift into a bad mood.

Jérémy enjoys a relaxing moment


Scheduled activities, like going to the restaurant with the rest of the group, don’t scare Jérémy. Most of the time he’s in a good mood and he tends to let the whole world know! He has a loud voice which can sometimes create trouble with the rest of the group who might be more sensitive to sounds.

But since our crew is "ËMMER DO", they know how to help him calm down and to consider the rest of the group around. Being "ËMMER DO", so that Jérémy can have the most fun, is the focus of our staff’s job. They are “Ëmmer do” not only for Jérémy’s wellbeing but also for the other beneficiaries.

Jérémy appreciates the trips

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